Miss Bush assists Clients in obtaining Arms by Petition to the Court of Lord Lyon in Scotland.

She is the Designated Genealogist and an Associate Member of the Society of Scottish Armigers

The object and purposes of the Society are:

  1. To research, identify, and record Armorial Bearings which have been granted, matriculated, or otherwise recognised by the Scottish heraldic authority, The Court of The Lord Lyon.

  2. To publish and disseminate an historical record of said Armorial Bearings along with biographical information regarding the Armigers.

  3. To educate the public regarding the history and meaning of Armorial Bearings within the Scottish tradition.

  4. To initiate, promote, and engage in scholarly, educational, and information endeavors, and to preserve and disseminate knowledge regarding Scottish heraldry, and to act as a resource center for those seeking information regarding the same.

  5. To support and encourage knowledge regarding Scottish history and cultural heritage through leadership and participation in various cultural activities, such as Highland Games, Scottish Country Dancing, Kirkin' of the Tartans, St. Andrew's Society events, and the like.